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[icon] the books suggest we set our hearts on doing nothing
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Current Music:ted leo+the pharmacists- "dirty old town"
Time:07:40 pm

i started this journal when i was 15(16?). it is now a ripe old age and has begun to reek of lost high school nostalgia and other memories best not recalled.

but you should all go to my space


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Current Music:white album
Subject:blackbird singing in the dead of night
Time:09:44 pm
Current Mood:listlesslistless
i could stumble in the shadows again
but these days i dare not stray from the moonlit path
because the sun will rise in time
...won't it?
i never would have wandered this far if i didn't think
there was somewhere worth going.
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Current Music:new pornographers- "the jessica numbers"
Time:11:56 pm
Current Mood:mellowmellow
//i'm feeling less and less psychedelic these days
&for once its not a bad thing
i'm going towards american roots
sincerity is key, and i've grown tired of the ostentatious

//things are all starting to fall in to place(in my head)
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Current Music:the books- "none but shining hours"
Subject:muah! nothing i don't already know
Time:06:29 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
Your Kissing Purity Score: 34% Pure

You're not one to kiss and tell...

But word is, you kiss pretty well.
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Current Music:billy bragg- "the tatler"
Subject:the books suggest we set our hearts on doing nothing, and then nothing's left undone.
Time:09:52 pm
i can go anywhere
i just can't do anything.

//funds depleted all too quickly. i needed a new brake hose for my car, which set me back quite a bit (too much if you ask me).

i wouldn't have found out i needed a new brake hose if i hadn't gotten my car stuck.
it was one those days, you know.
and ironically enough, i was going to drop off my car insurance check.
i can never seem to find the parking lot for the state farm building, its behind another building off this little side street. i was backing up onto this street, which was elevated off of this parking lot. i couldn't see the wall from where i was sitting, so when i turned, i went right over the ledge. my left front tire was completely off the ground.
...now, i don't know anything about cars, so naturally when something unexpected goes wrong with the vehical while i'm driving, i burst in to tears.
"you've got to be fucking kidding me!!" i screamed
i was all tears and snot as i called my dad at work.
then i called AAA.

but a bunch of burly men from neighboring houses came to my aid! they jacked my car up, and with a ramp constructed out of planks of wood, bricks, cinder blocks, and a small child stearing, they manged to push my car back on to the street. they found that the fall didn't damage my car, but that a short stop had cracked my front right brake hose. so they towed my car and i got cheated by the scummy garage they took it to. my dad went in there and talked the price down, but i was still charged well over the estimate.

and, this is all true.

//so, who would have ever thought i'd have what is starting to resemble a functioning, meaningful non-sexual relationship with jared...

...and still have no idea where tom is?
(i haven't spoken to him in almost 3 months)

life is fucking strange.
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Current Music:happiness is a warm gun
Time:11:58 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
hot snakes disband?!

but i'm on fire, i must say.
so for convenience sake, we'll do a little + & -

++got $$PAID$$
+went to tucker's for the weekend
-didn't get to NYC (because i don't want to get fired for missing a day in my first 2 weeks, can you blame me?)
-didn't see yo la tengo
-or mr. malkmus
+went to a party
+got a nice tan (no burns!)
+went to Trash American Style, bought a nice bracelet for A DOLLAR +some other things
oh yeah, hung out with jared, and he was sweet to my sharp tongue for once.
there was no funny business (but there was something, i'm just not going there again). it was a +.

...and coming home early was for the best. i talked to a boy i had a crush on in high school(should i say his name?) who i haven't seen in over a year. so much has changed since then! i tried my best to be smooth, but i was glad it was dark out, because i was so nervous i was shaking. he wanted to talk to me, and i felt a bit of a flirtatious repore going. i wanted to give him my number but i didn't have my cell phone.
i hope i see him again this summer.

i'm going to hit a sack. perhaps even the sack.
did that sound bad? that sounded bad.
...i'm going to bed.

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Subject:are we the last living souls?
Time:03:49 pm
soggy ground;groggy sound
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Current Music:beck- "soul sucking jerk"
Subject:when you don't feel it, it shows (they tear out your soul)
Time:03:33 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
...and when you believe they call it rock and roll

full-time job starts on the 20th, which means i get paid on july 1st, which means i'm going to motherfucking NYC on the 4th, and oh yeah while i'm there i plan on seeing yo la tengo and mr. stephen malkus

you're all jealous, i know.
unless of course you'll be there too
in which case, call me.

...why am i indoors?
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Current Music:my mathematical mind
Time:02:16 am
Current Mood:draineddrained
i'm gonna stop riding the breaks.
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Current Music:olivia tremor control- "california demise"
Time:07:39 pm
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sweet, dude.

i'm going to maine this weekend. roxanne will be taking her first road trip!
12 fucking hours, round trip.
& i have take the ride back all by my lonesome.
this means:
music ADD
and lots of talking to myself. maybe i should bring a tape recorder...
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[icon] the books suggest we set our hearts on doing nothing
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View:Website (mizzy fontaine).
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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